UK Fruit Fest, England: The Fusion of Fruit and Love

UK Fruit Fest, England: The Fusion of Fruit and Love

Life is so vibrant when you choose health over wealth and simplicity over complexity. If you then choose to share it with people who have a similar mindset, you are even more likely to enjoy it. Add some living foods on top, and you got yourself a conception of fulfilment and long-lasting happiness.

A lovely warming vibe and the sweet smell of fresh, juicy fruit embraced me as I was walking towards the marquee and the registration area in Croft Farm Waterpark. Wherever I was looking I saw healthy people and big smiles, and within the first ten minutes I had been given at least as many hugs – both from friends but also from a couple of human beings I didn’t know at the time. For some reason I don’t feel the need of using the word stranger when I’m surrounded by my fruit family, simply because in this community there are no strangers. Only people we yet don’t know.

A long time ago I read somewhere that vulnerability is the only bridge to build connection. I wrote it down in my journal back then, when I found myself in a much more complicated and unhealthy state of life. The reason to why I wrote it down was because I made a promise to myself, a promise stating that I, one day, would hang out with people whom I could actually trust enough to be vulnerable with. I enjoy talking to other human beings, and my vision was (and still is!) to be able to open up to anyone I call my friend – no matter the subject. I’m deeply grateful and happy to say that I finally know what that feels like. Not only did I have the chance to practice being more vulnerable, but also to listen to inspirational speakers from all around the world, attend fitness classes taught by some of the top athletes and eat healthy and highly nutritious foods for five days in a row.

The last night we had together was magical. The sky was as beautiful as it possibly could be in the month of August, and Roger King arranged a disco in the marquee in the name of health, which was much appreciated, both among the attendees and the speakers. It was a pure pleasure watching this large group of totally sober people dancing like there was no tomorrow to all sorts of music – everything from Irish Folk Songs to Reggaeton Latino. After the disco we gathered around the camp fire, listening to some live music performed by Ronnie Smith, who is the main organizer of the festival, as well as a fantastic singer-song writer.

Life is a beautiful ride. Sometimes a little rocky, but still magnificent. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to share our knowledge, experiences and stories with others, because that way we are able to grow as human beings. Therefore I know that the UK Fruit Fest has been a turning point in life for many – including myself.


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